snapamaners in danger!!!

The Snapamander is a type of reptile that has red eyes and lays eggs. They are associated with the destruction of a small village next to the Atlantic ocean. However it is thought the village were threatening the Snapamanders  and that is why they attacked the village.


Snapamandrers are near impossible to identify. They have a hard, spiky and sharp shell that is renowned for not breaking under intense pressure from the deep sea. Amazingly, tests say that the snapamander can survive without water for up to two years. Contrary to popular belief , the snapamander can eat straight through metal in one bite. On the other hand it can smash straight through with it’s shell by spinning extremely fast up two 100mh and break everything, alternatingly it can go side-ways  to move on land and it only comes out of the water at night because it’s nocturnal.


These magnificent creatures live mostly on the bottom of the sea at the Marina trench. living of kelp and sea cave moss. And if something gets in its way to get it’s kelp the snapamander will destroy it.The only way it will survive is if it gets attacked it will hide in its shell and float to the surface. So when people see this they think it is dead but when they take it on their boat and it will spin and cut the boat in half. And they only drink of kelp .


It is a huge concern that if you see one stay away but if these creatures die that is enormous concern because they keep the kraken in the bottom of the ocean and that would end the world so donate now to stop the cruel over fishing  call 97428576564 to save snapamanders.


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