The Illusimander

The Illusimander is a type of demon, closely related to the Dementamander, that lives in the coldest places. Unlike the Dementamander, the Illusimander possesses powers to make illusions that make people hear things that are not real.


Illusimanders are easy to identify. They have a stretched long tail longer than other demons. They have small servants called Minimanders that help them with certain things. They have wings but they cannot fly with them because they are so small. Their gender is unknown due to their rare appearances. Their quite weak so it can’t fight well as a Dementamander so it uses its powers to weaken enemies. The Illusimander is also deaf so it can’t hear but its eyes are so good in fact they can see things from far away.


They live in a dark cave with Minimanders guarding so no one goes in. There are only 10 Minimanders and 1 Illusimander, which is only 11. They enjoy having little parties in the cave which makes the Illusimander happy and not lonely. The forest they live in is haunted which makes trying to find them much, much harder. The old stories called them “Changu” but that was abandoned due to the stories being fake.


They eat humans that tried to capture them but they can’t eat those much anymore because no humans come to visit. They also eat a special berry called a chapberry which is poisonous to humans. The Minimanders go out to find the food because the Illusimander cannot leave the cave so they don’t get caught. They also eat dark black flowers called withered tulip that also is poisonous to humans.


The Illusimander and the servants are in great danger because people have been invading the forest looking for them. Now they need to lock up their cave so there not caught. One Minimander was caught last week which made the Illusimander incredibly mad. People looking for them have been going missing like crazy since the Minimander was caught and the Illusimander was thought to be saw that very week.

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