The Crabamander

The Crabamanders is a variety of sea creatures such as crab, scorpion and sea urchins. They are, uncommon relatives from the desert Crabamanders who live in   Africa. The Crabamanders can live on land and sea. Generally they rests in the day and hunts in the night.


Crabamanders are very rare, but very common at the same time there have been many sightings but then again they have never been fully seen there were only glimpses of them like they have sharp claws and loads of spikes scars and scratches a humongous tail and eyes that stare into your soul they are very dark and slimy so they blend into rocks and seaweed.



Theys poisonous creatures live in caves, caverns, under water ravines, shipwrecks and beaches that are popular there mostly found eating fish at rock pools pipping apart seaweed on the shore line or just enjoying some sun. No matter how scary crabamanders are they very kind creatures if you get to know them I mean before you die of course


The crabamanders are very deadly warriors they eat whatever they kill they kill fish, sharks, whales, humans but mostly they eat on land is deer, sheep, cow, ram and other crabs yes they can sometimes be Cana bulls I now it can be brutal but I did say they eat what they kill.


The crabamaders seem to be dying it may seem happy but there the only things keeping us safe from the dander’s out in the deep there being killed for their shells there being sold to the highest bidders just to show that they have killed one just remember no crabamanders no survival although Theis creatures may be killing us but it does not mean we kill them.

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