The Hashiramander was at the demonslayer-on-sea and a demonmander came out the sea, the Hashiramander got ready for battle even though it was a lowermoonmander and started a battle with the lowermoonmander, the Hashiramander was obviously the winner because Hashiramander was a higher rank of the DemonSlayerMander And if you want to be a Hashiramander you have to kill 50 demonmander or either survive during the war against demonmanders, uppermoonmanders, and lowermoonmanders. They are all as strong as each other but, they are well known to be the best sword weilders in the world! Other than that, as I was saying they won the battle and went back into the demonslayermander corps to listen to masterubuyashikimander and listened strongly to a boy.demonslayermander tell the story about why he is protecting a demonmander as her sister…

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