octomander week 1

I expect that you’ve enjoyed a day at Beauty-on-Sea. In summer, I’m sure you have tasted our creamy chocolate ice-cream and are toasted toffees that will melt away in your mouth. With the sand between your toes this place will start to feel like home and you will want to stay. If that is the case then I would change your mind for when winter approaches when things get less beautiful.

My name is Spike Blue(some people call me Spiky) I work at the babysitting business down 25 Melby lane. Mostly all I do is change nappies, feed babies and sing them to sleep. It might sound boring but I like it. I have a small room in the babysitting place just up stairs. It’s not much but it’s home.


As I walked up the stairs, I notice a girl, just outside the window. I look at her she was yelling “let me in quickly”. I stare at her . “well don’t just stand there” she says frustrated. I walk to the window, undo the hatch and let her in. she sits down on the bottom of the bed and hissed “help me”. “please”.

Okay I know your egger to know the rest of the story but before I tell you that there is something else I need to tell you something Someone once told me. The legend of the octomander. I personally thought it wasn’t real. I was wrong. They say the octomander roams the streets at night and it’s true for I Spike Blue have see it’s silky shadow in the depths of the beach. You don’t want to be here in the winter. Believe me you really don’t. But if You want a challenge then find the most dangerous animal. The octomander. ​ ​

“What do you need help with” I say in wonder. “There’s no time to explain just hide me quick” I didn’t know what she was talking about but I helped her any way. “Fine ” I said knowing I would regret it.

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