Ty and Mariana were sleeping and the ship rumbled and. they wondered what it was but it stopped. So they went back to sleep. Not long after they felt the rumble and went to the top. And seen a black figure on the side of the ship they didn’t know what it was. Ty thought he was seeing things so he got Mariana to look and she saw the same thing. They knew it was a mysterious black figure. They went back inside the ship wile knowing the black figure was climbing up to the sky ship. Then they heard the loud scraping but on the other side of the ship they went up and seen bright red eyes peeking over the edge of the sky ship.


Ty and Mariana knew it was a real person. They tried to talk to the figure but he or she never talked back to Ty or Mariana. Then the figure just disappeared in a blink. Then they went back sleep wondering what it was. The next day was normal until the sky ship could not get the control back. Then when it reached night time the ship went perfectly fine again. They heard the scraping sound again from the night before Ty went up. The was nothing there so he went back the sound came back. They went back up and saw …C

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  1. Good suspense not giving the “black figure” an identity at the start, what if you gave it a more satisfying ending like the “black figure” was just the captain fixing the ship or a sky pirate robbing them?

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