The Eye

The ship was now officially repaired! The captain was steering the wheel like an athlete while the duck had its very own shelter in the dark corner of Tom and Sam’s room. “Here you go little one!” said Sam as he passed a bowl to the duck. “QUACK!” it answered. “Hey Tom! Is it okay if we spend time with the baby on top of the cloud?” Sam asked. “Fine, but we can’t stay up there for long, Sir David will go mad!” Tom answered. They slammed the door on the beds then off they went.

They climbed up the steps of section B at the back of the vast Cloud for their little hangout time. The steps were enormous, towering over eighty feet off the ground. They finally made it up to the tippy top of the airship to see that the ladder was hanging down from the front porch! “That’s not meant to be there, it’s meant to be pulled up and tucked into the storage tank!” Tom pointed out. Sam descended down the ladder to see if something or someone had took it down. Without warning, Sam screamed in the sight of a wide eye blinking at him. “TOM! You need to come see this!” Sam shouted with a slight screech. The eye had a dark green, thin pupils in the middle of a gloomy white outer layer. It had red lines in the corner of every dark spot and they just made it ever more frightening. “Where is all that noise coming from!” a voice shouted in the distance. “HIDE!” screeched Tom. Sam hid in a crate that said ‘NOBODYS HERE’ while Tom went behind a pile of empty cardboard boxes. However, it had looked like the eye had disappeared as it silently closed up.

5 Responses to “The Eye”

  1. I love how you have used All capitals when there yelling/shouting.
    I would like to know what happens to them?
    The ending was kinda rushed so don’t rush the ending.

  2. love it

  3. I really like how the story was realistic and the part the duck plays.
    What is going to happen next?
    Remember to use new speaker new line when using speech.

  4. I love the story
    Be careful because you rushed the end
    Why is going to happen next

  5. I like that you involved a duck in your story because I love animals.
    What’s a baby cloud?
    You need to work on new persons speaking new line.

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