The glamourous eye

Mariana had found a hole in the ship and it was just the right size for the baby dragon. As soon as Mariana had placed the dragon down, she went and got a book of dragons. Flicking through the pages she discovered that it was a Shimmery glimmer dragon. It was a rare species and this apparently was one of the only kind of its species left. They had to take proper care of it. It was night fall and that meant they had to get to bed or Captain Hernandez would make them do more work. Luckily, Mariana had made a lid with a hole in it for the dragon, so it didn’t escape.

Without any warning, the twins heard a scrape at the side of the ship. Ty screamed and then the Captain came and said what are you two doing hiding under the table. They told him about what they had heard and then he said you must be hearing things. Captain Hernandez sent them both to bed and then went to bed himself. Ty went into his part of the ship and peered out of the window. There was a huge eye glaring at him right in the eye. The eye was green and had a tint of ocean blue in it. He screamed. It woke the whole ship up. In the end they found out that it just wanted its baby back. So, they threw the baby out of the window and the mother caught it. Then they slowly glided away in to the sunset. After that, they never and I say never came in contact with a dragon again.

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