The Snappermander


The Snappermander is a magnificent creature, its skin rough and jagged ,a sickly green colour.  Its eyes soulless statue still, staring beyond the never ending abyss. With sharp, pointed horns and a long bearded neck And a jaw that can open up to 2 metres. With ears that twist to every sound and claws shaped like daggers digging into the ground this creature is one you wouldn’t like to meet. Even though this animal seems big and scary it’s quite small, only 50cm if it stands up right, and 70 cm long. Because of its large jaw, many people think it can swallow people in a single gulp. But they are wrong. They have very small intestines and can only eat small reptiles and bugs.

They are normally found cooling off in the shade of a covering cave, or basking up in the sun. They like a mix of temperatures and always are on the move, they never stay in one place for more than 3 days because of the large predators that hunt them.( which include lions, tigers and birds)/when they rest however they cover their whole body in sand, leaves or dirt and leave their head slightly sticking out.


They are under threat because of mankind thinking they are hostile. Because of this, they are being killed to (help keep everyone safe) but in fact it’s just making it worse as these animals are pest cleaners and eat little bugs and rats infesting your home. We need to inform people how helpful these creatures are and put an end to people assuming wrong of these fine specimens.

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