You’ve probably heard of The seaside Hotel in Troon. Many people believe that, The seaside Hotel is only enjoyable in the summer. This could be because of, the brilliant weather that summer brings our way, ice-cream from Renaldo’s or even the warm sun beams hitting your face as the sun starts to set. We have fun in the sun for the whole summer. Additionally, there is an outdoor pool right next to the Hotel. Family fun for everyone.


However, in the winter, The seaside Hotel is believed to be not so much enjoyable. Strong winds are more likely to occur in the winter, as well as, the splash of waves, crashing into the sand, drenching your hair, sometimes it can feel like your day has ended early, due to the fact that the sun fades into night quicker than lightning. The seaside Hotel isn’t where you want to be at this time of year. It’s said that walking down the beach can make you fingers and nose feel like icicles falling from the rooftop.  


Chapter 1


My name is Chris Trever and I work at the pool. Many people prefer to call me Trev. I am one of the lifeguards at the pool. I watch to make sure no one is running, dry the floors around the pool and check the changing rooms after everyone has left. I was always told that working at a pool would be boring and useless, but I find my job is helpful to people and is useful for safety reasons. Although, in the summer I have a huge job to cover because the pool can be full with no room left to walk and many people to watch. But in the winter it’s not so bad, we decrease in visitors due to the horrible weather. There may be other reasons too…


Suddenly, I heard the doors for the entrance slam shut. “Is anyone here?” She shouts in a panicked voice. I slowly pace forward not know what I was about to encounter, all I knew was the person was female. I looked around to find a girl shivering in fear. “Are you okay?” I asked her in confusion. She shrieked in terror, “It’s coming for me! We need to hide……. immediately!”


There’s something you should probably know before we continue with the story. A local legend has it that a long, long time ago a shadowy figure emerged from the water and sauntered through the streets at night. However, this is not an unknown creature, or should I say an unknown Mander. This creature is currently known as the Axolotamander. From what I have heard, the Axolotamander screeches in pain, or is it trying to find its next pray? No one has seen this creature clearly, but many people say that its shadow shows sharp scales like talons, terrifying teeth like daggers and a tail that trails behind. The stench of seaweed swarms the Axolotamander like a moth to a flame. This creature causes fear throughout the whole city. But it hasn’t been seen in centuries.


Some say that the creature still lurks in the sea in winter. Some say that they have noticed weird footprints, scattered all over the beach. But only at winter. Personally, I have yet to catch a glimpse of this mysterious creature. Although, strange noises do appear now and then outside the pool.


“What do you mean it’s coming for you?” I quietened down my voice, just encase. “What’s going on?”


“It’s after me!” She exclaimed. She lowered her voice, “Watch out, it might come for you too!”

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