You’ve probably been to the small town of Troon. In the summer, you will most likely to be going to the beach to have a tan or swim. When you come you can’t resist not going to the amazing Ice Cream Factory, you can take a nice walk with your dog to see the sunset. It’s the kind of place you want to visit to enjoy the sun.


But in the winter, you are always in your house with your heating blasting out. You can never go outside, but most worse is you can catch the horrible cold it is not fun to have barley any people come in the winter.


Chapter 1.


My name is Sammy Phillips and I work at the glorious Ice Cream Factory Shop in Troon. My job is to  serve the best ice cream,  tidy up and also to stalk the shelves in the summer we are mobbed with customers and in the winter we only have a few customers who come from a freezing country or continent to get an Ice Cream because they think it is really warm in Troon.


A mysterious boy knocked on the door when we were closing up our shop he shouted “HELP Me!” The poor boy looked homeless but all he wanted was some help. We opened the door for him and he ran in the door like the flash in real life and fell on the floor chittering he said nervously ” God bless you thank you thank you so much sir.” The boy whispers to sammy “I will tell you a story of a Mander near by.”


Before I say about this Mander promise me to not tell anyone ” I promise.” Said Sammy. “Ok so about this Mander it’s called the DrakoMander it looks like a dragon but it is smaller, it has jagged spikes down his back.” Sammy looks terrified than ever. “And it is near our small town of Troon.” Sammy nearly screamed at that moment. “Don’t worry young man everything Is going to be just fine.” Said the homeless man it only comes out at night.


Some say that the creature eats humans. Some say that the creature lives at the woods. Some say that the creature had lost a baby. Some say that the creature might even be friendly and he is friends with the humans. “I have heard that in the stormy, dark, cold weather the Drakomander comes out at night  and what the creature does is it walks through the streets and sucks the electricity out of the light bulbs so he can get some good powers” the strange man whispered.

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