mander fish in danger


You’re probably never Been to horror on sea in the summer its all really nice with the fish and chip vans are out with their  ice cream stalls and all the trees have got themselves on them because this sort of beech has got palm trees that look nice when the sun light is shining on them people like this because they have got lots of     bright that only look nice in summer they are dead in the winter because they don’t get enough sunlight to keep a live that’s why most thing are not alive  and on the lovely green beeches there are lots of pleases to sleep and have lots hotels for you to have    and if you are fluke you might find the very good very nice man  it’s that kind of place …. In the summer. 


But in the winter , its all very bad because they always have got people dead on the beach because they had died  from the cold people call this frostbite it’s not a very nice thing to get and everything looks dead and the hotel lake so its not very convenient so I wouldn’t recommend  you going.     


chapter 1

before I contiued with what happens next, there is a storey about are town   that i have got to   tell you there was a fish mander in are town but it was a very long time ago thought many say it won’t come back but others more say it will come back all the people are armed with pitchforks It’s a very bad thing to happen.  It had attacked the whole are little town but it’s much better now  there’s people who stay inside their homes just to keep safe it must if been because there fish mandir was in pain that’s why he went mad this  afternoon the whole of the town heard rustling in there bins we got up of are suffers from waching  tv all day we draw the curtains the town was destroyed in to bits there houses were missing bricks it was the fish a mander we all got on my fishing boat so we all jumped on we left the country to  america we were all so glad to get out of there it was probably going to start brething fire                                                                    



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