Mikamander by Jessica



Have you ever been to Summer-on-Sea in Blackpool? In summer, you probably went to near-by fairs and shows and spent the whole day screaming your socks off with joy. When you visited us you would have had a blast in our complimentary scorching waves, enjoyed a cone of ice-cream and been curious in rockpools to discover more sea-life. You probably dragged your friends and family to the spectacular seaside art gallery. What a beautiful place this is in the summer… Only in the summer.


However, in the winter, you may have shivered at the nipping, biting wind trying to tear into you. We dare you to try coming when the snow falls, wind and rain pelts, freezing the street as a consequence. You should try being here when the misty fog drifts over-head leaving an eerie vibe all around and you hear the whispers in the deep distance. No one visits us then. Even the locals and their pets steer clear from here… Some say, they have a very strong reason to.



Chapter 1

My name is Jessica Jumperson and I work in the seaside art gallery. Most people call me JJ. I am the gallery’s keeper. I dust the art, sweep the floors and polish the glass cases at the end of the day. Some people have told me that my job is horrible and I should quit but I enjoy it. I have a decent sized room where I stay when off work which has plenty blankets and a fire to keep me warm in the freezing winter blizzards. I sometimes get lonely at night, however, in the day, there is always something to do, someone to see or help in the summer. It isn’t so busy in the winter though and some days we don’t have anyone here to visit.


A young girl knocks on the glass window and blurts out, “let me in, you must let me in!” I glare at her frozen with shock and confused. It’s late, very late, we closed a few hours ago. She looks so small and freezing, she’ll catch a cold if she’s out there any longer. I open the window and she slithers in like a cat, desperate for heat. She stares towards me with stars in her eyes as she flops down and swiftly jumps onto a box of art pieces, quickly breathing to catch her breath. Within a second she cussed, “you need to hide me, NOW!”


Before I can continue with what happens, there is an old town story that you must know. It happened so long ago that barely anyone can remember the small details. Local legends tell of a deadly monster that crawls out of the sea and creeps through the streets at night in the mist. Apparently, it was a type of mander called a Mikamander, it is said that it only comes out in the deep foggy mist. It reeks of oil, fish and bones of the great sailors and has a massive tongue and tail to kill. It is said to leave a trail of black gooey sludge, like a massive eel with a tall frame and a massive mouth lurking for prey. Some say in the fog, the Mikamander scoured the streets groaning, scratching and gurgling. When the towns people heard this noise, they would lock their doors and windows and draw the curtains tight and put their kids to bed and tell them not to look outside.


Some say that the creature must have been looking for something. Some say it was hungry. Some say it sought out someone who stole their young who was stolen from them a long time ago. However, I have never heard anything through the thick fog, when the streets are consumed by the dark, the wind whistles a very eerie tune that could be mistaken for a mother calling for her baby.


“What or who are you hiding from?” I hiss at her. “What’s the big deal, are you alright?” I coo her. 


“I’ve seen it! I seen it I swear!” She quickly spits, “keep your eyes peeled, don’t. Open. The. Curtains.”

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