It’s most likely that you’ve been to Glistening-On-Sea. Of course, you must’ve came in the summer? When the sun gleamed down on the ocean,  vanilla ice-cream from Troon beach kiosk melted all down your face and you would have a cheery time walking your dog down the prom.

 However, if you dared to come in the winter you would witness the colossal trees rocking from side to side like a baby in a cradle, the waves crashing against the shore-line and the struggle of escaping as your car is frozen. Why would you want to escape do you ask? You’ll soon see…

Chapter 1

My name is Kenny Kangaroo and I work at the Troon beach kiosk. However, the majority of people call me Ken. I’m in charge of making foods, drinks and cleaning floors. Eventually, it gets boring doing the same thing, others say it must be great. I disagree. I just need money for a place to stay and this wage just ticks me over. During the summer the beach is packed with kids, adults and dogs! Eventually, during winter it begins to quiet down and there is not a soul in sight.

Suddenly, a girl knocks on the side door I glare at her through the glass in confusion. “Please, I beg.” She whispered.

Confused, I replied “What’s wrong?” I open the door to let her inside as darkness falls.

Thanks” she gasped out of breath.

 “I could get fired for letting a stranger in!” I yelled in frustration. 

“It doesn’t matter you must hide me, immediately!”

Perhaps I should inform you this before I continue. There is a myth that I think you must know! Legend has it that there is a beast that roams the streets of Troon. According to the public, it’s a species of Mander. It prefers to come out in the stormy, rainy and windy weather. It’s thought that it smells of rotten salmon, seaweed and the flesh of humans! It’s skin scaley like a rough tree, rocky roads and grassy hills. Although it prefers to roam the streets it enjoys to lurk around alleys. Anyone who thought the Demomander was within a ten mile radius they would lock their doors and hope for the best!

Some say that the beast was injured. Some say it was thirsty. Some say it was a danger to our town and could be thirsty for our souls. I don’t believe any of it. Every night I wander through the streets and have never spotted it. Nonsense I tell you. I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s fake, isn’t it?

“What’s the matter, I’m working?” I hiss back at her. “Answer me!”

“Help, I’ve witnessed something I hope you never do!” She whispered back sharply. 

“Duck down, don’t talk and be on the lookout!”


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