You have probably been to Scotland Troon beach. In summer, you probably went to the beach and make sandcastles and swam into the sea. When you can you will try find an ice-cream van hearing for the music. Finding a place on the beach for your parents. There’s rock pools all over the place watch out for the crabs. Explore the near the beach there will be a lot to see.


But in the winter, you probably would feel cold and not want to go to the beach. But you should be there when the snow falls or when the puddles freeze over. It wouldn’t be fun to drive down in the pouring rain. Not a lot of people go to the beach in the winter not even the kids want to go but I wonder why.


Chapter 1


My name is Joana Brown but my friends call me Jo. I work in the ice-cream van at the beach park. I work alone most of the time but sometimes my friend will help me if she wants a free ice-cream. I get a lot of customers during the day but because it’s still light at 8:00 I still get lots of customers but not as much. Onecs it get a little dark I start to close up the van but there are still a cople people still there. In the winter there are not a lot of people but there are lots of people going for a walk but my ice-cream van is out in the winter and I still get customers because the people that are walking go for a hot chocolate and that’s good for me because I sell a lot of hot chocolates. 


When I was closing up I was just about to lock the doors but then a family came up to me and said “We have to get out of here we have to hid in your van can it drive” said the mum and she sounded worried. So we got in the van and hid there for about 10 minutes and did not hear or see anything then I we suddenly hear a big roar sound. We stated in there for another 5 minutes then I started the van I drove away. I did not want to stay that long again ever.


We have heard a lot of stories about a Devilmander so the family started to tell me how they thought that might have been it. But there is one story that seemed true. It was that the Devilmander when it gets dark it will come out of the sea and if it does not see anyone it will make a big crash sound but that’s the part I don’t think is true because we think were near the Devilmander and it definitely did not make that sound. The next night I was a little scared to go on the beach because of last night but I had to. I saw that same family again so we started talking then it got dark so we went in the van but when I was about to started it up we hear the same roar. Then I stopped the van and we tried to get a look. We looked out the window and we saw the had dark red horns, a black and red tail, a grey body, black and dark red wings and had one big black eye. it walks with its arms but after we saw that I started up the van and got away as fast as we could.


Some say that the creature was looking for food. Some say that the creature was it was looking for family. Some say that the creature was hurt. But when I hear it I get butterflies in my stomach. I have never heard of it being in the sun because I have only heard of it in the rain or a dull day.


“We can’t go back there at night ever!” Joana saying worried.

“What do you think will happen if we do?” Said the mum in a scared voice.

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