You’ve probably been to Wonder-on-Sea.In the summer, you probably made a sandcastle with some shells on the beach.The ice-cream van would give you a ice-cream because it would be really hot outside in the summer.There would be deckchairs for you and your Mum and Dad.If you ever would like to go on holiday go to Wonder-on-Sea,in the summer.


But in the winter, you could hear the water crashing into each over and the deckchairs are flipped over because of the wind at the beach in the winter.The mist is all over the beach.Every body said it is a ghost town in the winter because it is cold and there is mist all over the beach.


Chapter one


My name is Robit and I work at the seaside shops and I am a cleaner.Most people said to me it is a really bad job but I actually like it because I get to see the same people or I see new people because it is their holiday at Wonday-on-Sea.It is a morning and night shift and I sleep in the cleaning closet.


A girl jumped down from one of the shelfs and said help me, Robit said to the girl because I am being run over by the Seamander. Her name is Jess she said and see said can I hide in this box Robit said yes.


Before I continue with what happens next, there is one story about our town that I should tell you. It happened so long ago it was the Seamander. The Seamander flo the sky so you could not see it. It is a bird slash fish that has a really long tail to hit things if it is scared  of you or an animal.


Be silent because my boss is coming up the stairs. Boss, what are you do if I heard something?

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