You’ve probably been to Divine-On-Sea.In the summer, you probably went body boarding or surfing. I bet you have eaten ice-cream,been to the gift shop,eaten fish and chips,made sand castles and maybe got a little sunburnt.Have you been to the Divine Museum? I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.That’s the kind of place it is… in summer.


But in winter,it’s bitter (cold) and rains a lot, even snows in fact! You should be there when the fog covers the whole place.Few people visit then. As popular as it is  in summer, not many people go in winter because it’s empty and you have nothing to do.Locals say stay away from the beach and some say you won’t regret it…


Chapter one


My name is Tia and I work at the Divine Museum, most people call me T. I’m the one at the end of the day polishing displays, making it perfect and neat for you! I live in a small room in the museum which has blankets,a fireplace,coats and uniform and they are the things I mostly use in the winter! I’m quite lonely the majority of the time with nobody to entertain me. Not many people visit in the winter and sometimes nobody comes.


I was getting ready to lock up the museum when a girl came charging at me with tears spilling down her face.’’Hide me!’’ she cried.At that very moment I had questions wrapped round my head but… I couldn’t just leave her!


‘’Follow me’’ she whispered. We crept down the hallway to my room. I wrapped her in a coat because she looked very cold. ‘’Thankyou very much’’ she whispered. She followed me to my old wardrobe but she didn’t fit. Oh noI thought to myself…


Before I continue with what happens next, There is one story I ought to tell you about the town.  It happened such a long time ago nobody can remember it… It’s about a variety of manders, specifically the Slug mander. When all turns to mist it comes out and attacks people.Local legends say it was the size of a baby shark.Nobody has ever seen it because nobody has ever survived and that’s why they lock all doors and windows and nobody goes out.Nobody even dares to go out in the mist.


Some say it’s a painful death,some say otherwise.Everybody’s stories are different and nobody knows the truth… or do they?


‘’What do you need help with?’’


Draw the curtains now!’’


BOOM! THUD! ‘’W- what was that?’’ asked Holly.’’I don’t know’’ I whispered.We should hide. I’ve never heard that it could be dangerous…

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