the klomader



You have probably been to cherry-on-sea . In summer you probably ate so many chips you are going to be sick . when you went there  would be an ice cream van with everyone around it there would have been rockpools to investigate You probably got to go to the theatre


But in winter you probably got rained on .You will arrive and snow will go all on you when the roads are gloomy and misty the sea is all fogged up 1000s visit in the summer  .Even locals stay away from the beach and some say they have had a good reason 

  Chapter one 


My name is robert the gamer but some people call me bob I work at the arcade i live on top of the maschine it is nice and brillant you can stay up all night and playing on these games i take my money out every time it is always busy in winter cas it is hot and cosy place in summer it is boring no one there they are all on the beach 


            A boy hides behind a arcade machine i stare at him not sure what to do the arcade is closed he said I am cold hide me he said immediately 


Before i continue with what happened next there is one story about our town that i should tell you about our town it happened years ago now there was a mander called the klombomader wandering the shores it comes out at night 


Somepeople think it is looking for food some say it is a child wondering the shore some say they have never seen it but strange footsteps in the sand that are never there when you are awake 

Why do you need me to hide? Quickly before the mander gets me ! close the curtains ! locked the doors ! 


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