An Peculiar day

Prologue! 🌺

All people in the Seaside Hotel are in danger… if your a local don’t go outside the hotel if you don’t want to be traumatised for LIFE!!! A women got eaten alive by a creature on the beach…no one knew how???I’m Jeffery Bacon and I’m speaking on channel 1 news!Oh the radio is getting scratchy I thin- I shou- ra- thin- up no-.AHHHHH HELP ME!!!

Chapter 1 🌺
An peculiar day

I was about to close up the hotel when I heard a banging in the basement …“Uh Oh” I said when I was walking down the creepy spiral stairs.My heart began to pound but then I realised that Builder Bob was renovating downstairs. Oh I forgot to say I’m Nicole May people tend to call me Miss Mayonnaise although I hate it. I walked back up the creepy…spiral…stairs.
I went to my cubby and grabbed my blanket. “Hey OPEN UP” I heard. It was a girl not any girl you would imagine she was actually quite intimidating. Never thought I’d say that but here we are. I let her in and THUD she landed on my arm “ OWWW” I squealed “THAT HURTTT”
She didn’t care.
“Hide m- hide me!” she panted.
I stood there looking confused.
“Why?Its late plus we are only taking people with an appointment.” I said
“Fine!just sit down.don’t get yourself that comfy,your leaving in the morning.”
She wasn’t phased at all.
“ I’m Grace!Grace Cornwall by the way.” she said with a little squeaky voice.
Grace grabbed a small cushion and laid on it with her curly, brunette hair.
I couldn’t sleep knowing that I am in the same room as a stranger.


“Go on! Out you go.” I said while yawning
Although she was already gone…

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