You have probably been to Blackpool beach. In the summer, you probably tried the doughnuts. They are so amazing and you probably went in to the chilly light blue sea. You probably went into the golden powdery sand. When you came to this beach you probably have been eating ice cream and more stuff like that. Would you like to go or not?

But in winter, you probably went outside to test the weather and it is too frosty so you go inside and put the fire on and get cosy with a scorching hot chocolate. Do you want to go outside or not?

Chapter 1

My name is Lucy and I work as a cleaner and my friends also say it’s too boring. I say it’s not because I like it because I like helping others. I’ll tell you some of the things I do as a cleaner so let’s get started. I polish tables and polish fire places and more.

A girl taps on the glass window and hissed.  I was wondering who this was and whether I should I let them in or not. I was very petrified because it was very late at night. I heard the words again. I had my daughter sleeping up stairs so I wasn’t sure if I should let her in. I opened the window and she said “Please let me in!” in a desperate voice.

Before I continue with what happens next, there is one story about our Town that I should tell you. It happened not long ago and it was very strange. It was seen emerging out of the water. Apparently it looked creepy and also terrifying.

Chapter 2

We sat  waiting patiently for ages before I ask,”  What did you see?”Outside, I can hear the heavy wind picking up, it was  late at night to the point you couldn’t see anything outside. Even before she answers, I already had  an idea of what she is going to say. “Im  right. She claims to have seen the Catamander .

1h later, we was outside in the darkness , retracting Lucy’s footsteps. I thought to my self I’ve should of  stayed were  I was.  I were at home then I would be going bed but no I’m not because I’ve met this sassy girl I can not deal with her anymore  I feel like I can’t do anything with my daughter with her stuck here. The sea next to my house has a huge wave and the wind is so rapidly.

One Response to “CATAMANDER”

  1. I love your post about Catamander, Very good vocab! It made me feel like I was there, it felt so real! what happened next? Although I could suggest that next time you double check, since you did have some missing punctuation and errors here and there.

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