Elementmanders on Shore! (2)

Chapter 2

We look, and stare at each other. “What glared at you, yesterday?”

Outside, a hurricane begins to form. I know what she’s going to say. She reaches a claim to have seen the Elementamander.

Just an hour later, Carol is still looking for it again. I want to go home. And search after the hurricane ends. Carol says “Do you know my name?” She asks.

”My name is Carol, but please, call me Caroline. I’m from Eerie on sea. I’m used to these monsters” she says.

Gasping, she spots something glimmer at the other end of the pier.

We run, passing Mammoth’s ice cream, Prav’s Fish n’ Chips and Bran’s Superstore. The blockades pummel and pull from the doors, to stop anyone from stepping inside. No cars are on the road, Bridges lifted from inhaling link smelling lifeguards, and wind.

Caroline says “LOOK!” and, without hesitation, I know what it is. It is the egg like remains of a monster’s prey. Something SCREEEAMS before we can peer at it more.

Caroline tugs me into the hospital for first aid. It feels BAD. We have broken in. Dark figures of children stand under sheets.

Someone appears behind us, The children’s figures fade away. Are we imagining things? They say “beyond me a school drop out, and an orphan. Where do I begin?”

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