Chapter 1/The creature


You’ve probably been to Enjoyment – on – sea.In summer you’ve probably gobbled on some delicious ice cream. You’ve probably surfed on the flowing waves and relaxed by the yellow sand.There might have been ice cream trucks and a beautiful blue aquarium.There would have been the double scoop up ice cream van,with the singing melody.You probably got taken to the calming musical room with drinks and food.Is it a kind of place for you…you tell me?


But in winter,you’ve probably felt the fresh,gentle breeze.You should try being there when the snowflakes scatter and the snow settles.Some people visit in winter and most people don’t.The people near the neighbourhood keep away from the beach.


 Chapter 1

A man knocks on the window with a black shirt and a silver bracelet.He knocks again and shouts “let me in quick someone is chasing me!”I just stand,thinking what to do,it is so early in the morning.I open the window and he climbs in.I say,”What are you doing?”He doesn’t speak and he runs to the restroom to hide.


Before I continue with their story,there is one backstory about our city.It happened so long ago that Iphons weren’t even made.Rumours say that long ago there used to be a creature roaming around our city.They say it was called the “Malamander”.It left a trail of goo and they say that at night it used to come out of the oceans to hunt for animals.It made a growling noise and when people heard, they closed their doors,windows and curtains.


Some say that the creature is hunting for animals.Some say it was having fun.Some say it was in danger.I have never saw this frightening monster but,I have heard the growling that the monster makes.

“Why do you need to hide and why is there something chasing you?!” I shout.

“I have seen the unknown creature,hide me!”he says.

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