In the summer you can do amazing stuff festival’s,pool party’s but this is not that kind of story…

Hi my name is Dante bell I work at the national museum. Most people call me Dan   I love that and I hate my job but it pays the bills I also work as a janitor there but it pays bill but if I break I make 

And it’s really annoying but I know why it was they would want it to do it. Oh right you don’t know my bosses. Mrs Ant and Mr Ant they are a so cruel I hat them but they did practically raise me like

A dull but one day I was so so so so mad at them and this guy at the museum he was annoying.

When it was my night shift I saw something out of the window a girl running away from a man chasing away from him then a few minutes later a Mr Ant shouted me downstairs and ran downstairs like a flash it was amazing never run so fast in my life it was amazing but when I got down the man who was chasing the girl was there along with Mr Ant “hey Dan this handsome man is looking for a girl do you know anything about that”. “Umm no I’m not really sure no I 

Not seen any thing like it but when he sent me upstairs I saw a… 


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