Chapter 2 by Gracie SWW

Chapter 2 We both sat on the bed nervously. She must of been having a laugh because nobody has seen this beast ever. But why would someone make a joke about this, and plus this is a very serious thing to joke about. Never joke about the pink pigamander. The thunder was angry at the exact time we sat on the bed. She would of never saw the pigamander, she couldn’t of. I did not know either to believe her or be shocked, “I saw the pigamander we need to get somewhere safe fast” said the girl shivering. Five minutes later, we are outside Darcie stood right by my feet. We just had a little talk that we had and she told me her name and she her calm herself down a bit. I think we were both still very panicky about the whole situation. We had are hats and gloves on that I randomly found, protecting us from the cold. The weather was the worst thing about this. If we did not have fuzzy socks are shoes would of already been off are feet. As always, the distant wind came for us again that was a bad sign of the pigamander. We were at the rocky beaches. We set off through the town. Over branches, rocks and tiny little stones. Until we arrived at South-by-coast-beach. There was lots of people but they were leaving quickly. I got a bit scared and Darcie was turning a bright shade of red. We were both in a uncomfortable state and had know idea what to do. We felt blank. But there was about hundreds of schools, fish and chips shop which was slammed shut because of the storm. There were clothes shops . But sadly everything was shut. All of a sudden, a trail of pink gloop was on the floor. Darcie jumped and squeezed my hand. We were both terrified. We did not know if we should follow it or not and think about are danger. It led into a pile of: branches leaves and tree stalks. It was kind of weird. We looked back and all the people were gone like they had disappeared in thin air. The thunder was getting strong and mad. The thunder flickered like it was going crazy. The weather is worst then earlier Darcie and I had no idea what to think. The creature was tiny and had never been seen clearly. Finally the pink goo stop but no sign of the pigamander. It was so tiny that me and Darcie’s legs were shivering. But we heard something a tiny thing moving in the grass. I could not think if it was the pigamander or not. I am so confused. I did not know what to do. I was scared nobody was there to help. Outside, the lighting was getting to strong I don’t think we can stay much longer out here in cold but we had to find this pigamander. We waited and waited forever before we couldn’t anymore. We were bored. I lifted up the grass and there was the pink pigamander lead there sleeping. Are coats were socked so we touch it. We finally had proof of the pigamander!

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