The Dragomander CH2 SWW

” The little local legend? Really?” I asked curiously. I am shocked, so much that I can’t move. ” Yes, please hide me!” I didn’t know why she needs to hide. Surely the Dragomander would not come after her. Why would it need to? ” Why do you need to hide?” I have an idea of her reply, but I waited to find out. I knew it. She was aware that the dragomander could fly with it’s feather like wings, and had eaten many people down on the beach at night.

Half an hour later, I found my self and my new friend, apparently named Opal, on the edge of the beach. The sea runs over my shoes, soaking my socks and part of my jeans. Opal runs ahead of me, surprisingly fast, leaving me panting and shouting after her. When I had left my room in the shop, I had felt brave, and wanting an adventure. Now there was no turning back. ” Opal! Slow down, wait! I’m not as fast as you!” ” We need to find it, Lizzy! ” she replied. Thunder cracks above us, my bravery drowning, being replaced with fear. Opal carries on running, leaving me panting. Suddenly, lightening illuminates the midnight sky snapping me into action. I race to catch up with Opal.

We reach some steps that lead to the boardwalk from the beach and climb them. The clothes shop, Sailors Tailors that sells swimming costumes, t-shirts, shorts, is shut and locked up, ready for the impending storm. The fish and chip shop, Chips on the House, is boarded round the window, to protect them from smashing in. Opal found the pier to be shut tightly, with locks and chains, and a bit of tape that they use for crimes. Just across the pier, Opal pointed out a pile of scales followed by some slime. I was stuck on the spot. Opal was much braver than me. She edges up to the pier and pulls a bit of tape off. She then called to me. ” Lizzy!” she called. I couldn’t reply. Fear had taken over my body. ” Lizzy!” she called again. I had found a large tooth. ” Ella Eliza Parka!” That got me.

Hardly daring to breath, Opal and I begin pulling on the locks and chains. The wind whistles in my ear and I shout out: ” I think we’ve done it! Opal!” Opal shields her eyes from the wind and rain and makes her way on to the pier. I have no choice but to follow her. At that moment, Opal stops and stares. A black figure down in the crashing waves could not be missed. Opal mutters something to me in a petrified way. ” It’s here. It’s the dragomander”. I know it is the dragomander, what else could it be. Then a long wail and a roar echoed around the pier.

Bravely, Opal edges closer to the water, shaking with fear. I wouldn’t dare to come with her. I was more scared than she was. It’s wings open up and it paces out of the water, heading towards poor Opal. ” Lizzy, help!”. She is paralyzed with fear. The stench of seaweed and bones is coming closer, filling my nostrils.

Just as quickly as the situation happened, the dragomander flies into the sky and hurtles back aiming for Opal. Then, it dives back into the water. Suddenly, it leaps again, this time aiming for the pier. Shards of wood fly in the air as the dragomander crashes the pier. It crashes, back into the water with a deep long growl and a wail. I’m still shaking with fear.

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