The mander farm Chapter two

We all dived into the tractor but the Orcamanders hid in the hay. The Cowamanders were angry and hungry so they attacked but sadly they fainted. Luckily, the Elephantamanders have a horrible sense of smell so we sneaked past it but a Cowamnader’s cry made it turn around and charge at us. We ran to the gate and we locked the Elephantamander in the farm so it couldn’t escape but that was when several Elephantamanders appeared behind us. We closed our eyes and hoped for the best to happen.

We woke up in the farm but it was different, everything was destroyed! I turned to my left and saw the Orcamanders and I turned to my right and saw the Cowamanders alive somehow I got up and I had a horrible pain in my head, it felt like I was having surgery. My foot was in pain too so I had to limp to move.

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