The Misty Airship



You’ve probably been on an airship when the wind rustles your hair and you can see the sparkling sea below. 

Remember how it feels to have the warm sun on your face as you watch the pink clouds at dawn and stare at diving dolphins. 

I bet you’ve enjoyed watching the Northern Lights. 

But you should never try the whole expedition when the wind is like knives, the sea is wild  and rain pelting like bullets on your face. 

Some say they are guarded by the turquoise dragon. 


Chapter 1: 

“Henner!” shouted John, “hold on. I will pull you up!” 

When Henner was back on the ship she started laughing. 

“Why are you laughing?” asked John. 

They had started at Turnip Island two weeks ago but they were above the sea because they lost the map at home. 

Suddenly the grey rain clouds appeared. Everyone looked up. Suddenly an earpiercing roar came into earshot. A massive dragon was circling above them. 

They went into the storm clouds. “I think we’ve escaped” But John was wrong, two more dragons were circling above. 

“Oh no!” said Henner, “ I think we’re going to die”. But suddenly a silver dragon came. This dragon didn’t attack them at all, it attacked the other dragons instead. It was an island water dragon. After a good two minutes, she had defeated the other dragons and then with a flick of her tail, she disappeared. 


Chapter 2 


Suddenly they descended at an alarming rate. They landed in a jungle with sparkling lakes, loads of fruit, leaping tigers, roaring lions and sleeping monkeys. But it didn’t compare to the Whispering Waterfall. They could smell fancy fruit and the taste of a wet wind. The moon hung higher than the trees. They could see no buildings, only trees. They felt very alone. They had no hope. Suddenly Henner saw a pair of glaring eyes. 


“Can you see what I see ?  ….” 


Chapter 3 

Something was staring at them with emerald eyes. “What is it?” said John. 

“Not an it, a who” said Henner. A single breathe could scare it. Henner, whose kind face twisted into a fateful look, took a big sigh as she bent down.  John, whose face turned into a frown, stood staring at it. They saw that it was red with a midnight black nose. It was a fox. “Oh no it’s hurt” said Henner. It had a blood-stained leg. They fetched a towel and wrapped it in it. 


Chapter 4 


Several hours later, when they had patched the skyship up, Henner and John were asleep in the cabin. John woke up. “ Hey, Henner<” whispered John. Henner started opening her eyes and then she sprinted down the corridor. John ran after her and found her on the deck. They saw leaping deer on the edges of fields and trees. 


Just then, they heard a massive bump. “Oh no!” exclaimed John, “Its a volcano!” 

“It’s not,” replied a calm voice, “it’s just a clumsy crew member dropping a pan” 

“You two should be in bed, but since you’re not, come for breakfast” 


The skyship glided smoothly into the night. They may have not known yet but many more adventures were waiting for them.. 

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