The unknown visitor



You’ve probably been to Beauty-on-sea. In the summer, you probably surfed on the hard crashy waves, and explored the dark terrifying sharks in the aquarium. Try the delightfully sour,crunchy vanilla,flake tropical 3 spoon devoured ice cream that’s as soft as fur. If you came there would be birds flapping their wings as the sun rises. You’ve probably been to the masseuse. That’s the place you’d visit…when the sun is at its peak.


But in winter, you probably feel the frosty snow dropping every minute as the snow falls. You should try being there when the fog smothers everywhere. Even the locals keep away from the roads…some say it’s foggy.


Chapter 1


My name is Eddie Brock, most people call me venom. I am a cleaner. I wash the plates and clean the beds. I have a room downstairs where there is a cozy campfire and a half big bed. Someone once told me if my job is trying but I’ve been working here for a few  years. I’m lonely at night but in the Grand Nautilus Hotel a few people come. We have plenty of visitors in the summer. In the winter it is not that busy because the roads are slippery and the cars are freezing cold. The day passes by every day.


A boy knocks on the window and whispers”let me in!” I look at him, not sure what to do. It is dark in  the Grand Nautilus Hotel. He is freezing and desperate to be inside.The window creaks open and he falls in. He looks at me with dark eyes.He hisses”Hide me!”


 Before I pause, I’ll continue with what happens next. There are 6 stories about our village that I should tell you. It happened that one person did not tell.Icons tell of a creature that came in the stormy weather and walks through the village and when they see the creature they would baccarat their doors and windows. Shockingly,it was a variety of manders called lion-manders and only came out at midnight.It smelled of fish bones and seaweed. It leaves a trail of wet sand like mud.They say at night the lion-mander comes out and sees if you are  awake or it will turn you into stone. When the locals heard they would hide.

Some say that the creature was searching for food.Some say it was finding it’s parent’s. Some say the creature was hurt.I’ve never heard of it before in the rain storm.When the darkness is terrifying. The dark sea doesn’t make strange noises.

“ Why do you need to hide?” I whisper back at him. “What happened?”

”I’ve seen it!” He says, “hide, look-sharp-barricade the window.”


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