The Foxglove

Chapter 1 


Lilly sprinted up to the Foxglove smiling happily as she shouted “Slowcoach, hurry up!” Milo panted up the alleyway. Yesterday, they had had the news that their mum had mysteriously gone missing and all he could think about was her. 

A couple of minutes later, they were back in their pretty blue house. As they jumped onto their shared bed, the doorbell rang. Lilly darted downstairs before leaping into the hall and opening the door to a mysterious lady. 

The lady had a tingly smell and wore a sailor dress. It was blue and she had silver earrings in the shape of a map. Their dad said, “Come in Addie.” Just seconds later Addie was explaining why she had come. It turns out that she had heard that Lily and Milo’s mum had gone missing and wanted to go on the Foxglove to find treasure and their mum. 


Chapter 2 


The ship juddered as it glided across the moonlit sky. Just a week ago, Addie had persuaded Lilly and Milo to go on a trip to find their mum. 

Suddenly, the birds shrieked and the sky darkened. They could hear rain pattering into a rainstorm as the wind started to hassle them as raindrops soaked them.  Milo glanced at Lilly, who was yelling something as she got closer, “ All crew below deck.” 

The box that their mum got them rattled. Lilly and Milo darted over to it. Milo opened his tool box and pulled it open, tugged a crowbar out and opened the box. Inside was a tiny purple and blue dragon with enormous green eyes. At that moment, the ship lurched to one side. Lilly jumped up and ran out of the room. Milo didn’t follow. He was scared. He peeked out. A huge dragon was looking back. The tiny dragon was nibbling his ear. He pulled the little dragon off his shoulder, jumped up and ran out of the pale pink and yellow living room. He thrust the trap door open. All he could see were blurs of two huge dragons. He jumped up. Lilly lunged past holding a huge knife. Milo ran to the edge of the Foxglove but one of the dragons lunged on him. Lilly saw, she jumped on the dragon and wrestled it away. Finally, the dragons gave up. 


Suddenly, the airship plummeted down towards a beautiful island. When they landed, Lilly and Milo tumbled out. They saw towering golden temples surrounded by crystal clear lagoons, big emerald leaves on trees of all shapes and sizes. They could touch huge bundles of fruit like mangos and bananas. They could smell cinnamon, ginger and other spices. They sensed it was lunch time even though there was an amazing sunset of pink, gold, red and blue. Just then they smelt fresh, sweet and musty and they felt hot and clammy. But if they moved slightly it would be cold and felt wet and they found they would be just the right temperature. 


At that moment they heard something…  


Chapter 3 

Something was floating down unconsciously. It landed at Lilly’s boots with a gentle thud. Lilly, whose white heavily freckled face erupted with a grin, excitedly flung herself to a sitting position next to the little object. Meanwhile Milo, whose soft hands shook badly, timidly hid behind the hull of the ship. Lilly called, “It’s OK, the poor little fella’s not exactly in a condition to bite you.” 

Milo crept forwards. He could see the creature more closely now. It had white ears that looked like feathers. It had a small body and big wings with a pom pom like tail. It was a flying rabbit! Milo rushed back to the ship, grabbed a fluffy blanket and thrust it at Lilly, who wrapped the little rabbit up. 


Chapter 4 

Five hours later they repaired the ship and were sailing through the evening sky. Lily found a place in the bunkbed room and had snuggled up the little flying rabbit. Milo and Lilly were on deck wrapped up in blankets. The two children saw puffed up clouds floating by like a flock of sheep munching on a blue field. Lilly thought she’d never rest without the breeze messing up her hair. They peered over the edge and saw golden fields of daffodils, the sea glittering like sapphires and farmers tended to the corn fields. 

Without warning, they suddenly saw illuminated lights glowing into the night. Weirdly, they heard creaking like rusty metal joints. Milo shrunk back and whispered, “ I don’t know what it is but I think it’s a bad dragon.” Lilly nodded. 

A crew member called Addie to come over. “That’s not a bad dragon, it’s just the observatory. You need to go to bed now, you’re overtired. Ten seconds later, weak with relief, they fell into their bunk beds and went to sleep, dreaming of bad dragons. The sky ship calmly sailed on into the distance. 

And even though they hadn’t found their mum, they still had been on an exciting adventure and had found a baby dragon and a flying rabbit. Maybe they will see her on their next trip. 


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