She sits on my bed staring out my window. ’What’s your name if you don’t mind me asking?’ I ask, trying to make conversation. ’Amanda Rock…what’s yours?’  ‘Ronald Strawberry!’ I say proudly. She smiles.She claims to see the Catamander.


An hour later we are lost in an alley way.It’s pitch black,the only light we have is a street lamp. ‘I’m sorry.’ she says ‘I should’ve never gone out…I could’ve just stayed in bed watching TV.’ Something black appeared round the corner.The moon was on our side it lit up the unknown figure.The black thing had spikes on it slowly getting bigger and bigger the higher we went up.


We find our way out and pass every shop on the block.Cars scuttering to get home.We find ourselves down another alley way.


We start to hear groaning from further down the alley getting louder and louder.It sounds like something is in pain.Amanda looks down at the floor.There were muddy footprints leading to the groaning.


She suggested we follow the footprints.Then something out of the darkness starts to hiss.Daring to breathe we follow the footprints.We were shaking not from the cold..


Suddenly we hear a window smash…glass everywhere.We slowly enter the shop through the broken window.It was like we were in a horror movie in real life…just peeking through the darkness.It started to rain heavily.Then..a big bang came from the back of the shop.Something,something big came came running at us.


It just skimmed Amanda’s body.It jumped through the broken window like a race car.We chased it but we weren’t fast enough.It had already dived deep into the water.


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