chapter 2

“What happened out there?”Are you okay?Fine i’ll tell you ;i’ve seen it.Seen what.The mander.”What mander”?You know the mermaid mander.


Thirty minutes later,we were outside in the misty night,reracing Terry Bark’s footsteps.I should have stayed inside watching a movie.Terry Bark is the dumbest person i’ve ever met.The waves crash and the wind blows.I get pushed onto the perr and i clutched onto the lamp post not daring to let go.


We passed the arcade,Bob’s ice- cream van,the slushy bar on the beach.Everywheres shut because of the mist.Just a few walking their dogs We went further into the beach.


Terry takes me to these giant footprints in between these big caves full of boulders .I peek through the cracks and see nothing but cobwebs and bats so I tell her.Until….I hear a noise….sort of a ….splashing noise.


Suddenly boulders had been bashed and agh…something caught my eye. It was the mander and this must be its house.


We were getting chased back onto the pier and when I looked it was still coming suddenly we took a sharp turn through the alley. We thought we were safe but it scratched my head.


Minutes later,I saw it run off into the distance.

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