Chapter 2 Pandamander

I grab her hand and pull her to the back entrance. We hid around the side of the building and sat down. I mutter “ W-was that t-the P-Pandamander?” Silence. The moon hung above in the inky black sky. A gentle drizzle of rain falls onto us. 10 minutes later, we get up and there is no noise in the city except a low rumble echos along the pier.


“If you don’t mind me asking but what was that?” Before she even answered I knew her response. “I-I think that was the Pandamander…” We slowly made our way along the pier. We talked while we walked and she says her name is Amethyst but most people call her Amy. We walked towards the museum on the outskirts of the city where she saw the Pandamander. The abandoned museum stood right in front of us. We anxiously entered. Amy kept on walking but I stayed by the door, shaking, but not from the cold.


The door slams shut and a vase smashes onto the floor. A smell of dried blood and rotten bamboo reeked the museum. I saw something crouching behind one of the displays. It was as if it was ready to pounce at Amy.


Amy moves to the side, not knowing what was behind her. I stay quiet. It dashes past Amy and charged towards me. I jump to the side and it bursts through the door. It stops in it’s tracks. A crash of lightning strikes right in front of it. When the flash disappeared, it was gone. Me and Amy stood there in amazement and shock but completely horrified. We knew it was coming for us.

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