The Dolphamander’s Escape

Chapter 2


“What’s your name?” “Oh yes I’m Johnny, Johnny Rancher” he says joyfully.

About thirty minutes later, we heard moaning outside so we looked outside and saw luminous red eyes going into the Fish ‘n’ Chip shop. Me and Johnny put our coats on, grabbed a torch then we went to follow this mander!

When we got inside I turned the torch on and told Johnny to stay at the door. I saw red shining on a wall, smelt fish and heard munching. As I got closer I heard flopping going away from me. I went into the kitchen and fish were sliding along the floor. After I smelt the fish, saw the fish and heard flopping I knew it was going to be the new species of mander. The Dolphamander! The problem is that the Fish ‘n’ Chip shop is so echoey that it could be in a room so far away but seem so close to me.

I ran back to Johnny and told him that we both had to go in and look for the Dolphamander. Johnny was really helpful and stayed with me the whole time. First, we checked the stockroom; no luck, so then we went to check the toilets then we heard a loud scream right in front of us. Me and Johnny opened the toilet door, the Dolphamander saw us and then screamed extremely loudly, deafening us. I ran back to the door with Johnny following me and the Dolphamander following Johnny. As soon as we thought we were dead, it ran straight past us and through the glass, I ran after it to see fog and nothing else.

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