The octomander week 2

Chapter 2 As I sit down I stare at the girl, who by the way is now pacing back an forth across the room. Three minuets later she is still doing it until I say “Okay stop. Sit down and explain to me why you are in my room” she stares at me then finally she says that she has seen the octomander. I freeze.

Five minuets later I find myself outside in the freezing cold with Veronica ,which is her name, wondering why I’m out here. We start to walk closer to the derelict pier, The moon shining brighter then ever and I am still wondering how Veronica got me out here.

We travel across the town of Beauty-on-Sea and we come across: the fish and chip palace, the clothing parlour and sir Barry’s butcher shop. All has turn away there secrets. cars engine’s are speeding to get home.

We walk closer to the pier and see two red beady eyes in a wave of the sea. “come on” says Veronica egger to investigate. We run closer but the eyes are gone, there’s a growl and ink drips down my shoulder. I twist round. We found it.

Wondering were to go we ran, faster then ever until we come across a beach hut we slammed the door behind. Sadly, the door is made out of glass so the monster smashes the glass and enters the room.

Quietly the monster creeps inside the hut and sits down in a corner. Two minuets later the monster had fallen asleep and we start to creep slowly out of the hut but then I stepped on a twig. We ran, faster then ever.

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