I’ve Never……

I’ve never seen a shooting star speeding through Space,

But I have witnessed beautiful star’s glowing in the black sky.


I’ve never visited a gigantic theme park in the United Kingdom,

But I have gone to many fairs in Wales.


I’ve never walked up Mount Everest,

But I have run up a mountain in South Wales.


I’ve never held a Scottish cat,

But I have seen a Welsh cat hunting down a sneaky mouse.


I’ve never made a carrot cake in the middle of winter,

But I have cooked a fabulous rhubarb crumble in the summer.


I’ve never received a gift from a famous person,

But I have been given a cute gift from my beautiful family.


I’ve never dived into a wonderful lake,

But I have swam in a gigantic swimming pool.


I’ve never thought about having a Lamborghini,

But I have dreamed of driving a Tesla.


I’ve never written a beautiful book,

But I have typed an acrostic poem.

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