I have never.

I have never, swam from china all the way back to London.

But I have, swam to the floor of a 20m pool at park pool at the age of six.

I have never, owned a 17,2 hand bay horse.

But I have, helped out my friend Katy every Saturday morning at 10:00 in the morning with her horses.

I have never, ate an avacado.

But I have, ate a yummy green apple.

I have never, galloped the most expensive horse across a long sandy beach during sunset.

But I have, fell onto a horses neck.

I have never, cantered bareback on a horse.

But I have, cantered on a saddled horse.

I have never, visited a desert.

But I have, visited turkey on a holiday.

I have never, competed at an horse racing competition.

But I have, watched the horse racing competition at point to point.

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