Evacuee Letter

Dear Ma,


When we arrived at the station, I couldn’t help crying for you 

and one last kiss and warm hug goodbye. There were so many kids and their mothers, I got shoved out the way so many times.


First, I sat down in my train roomette and started eating and breaking up the  loaf of bread you gave me to snack on, I even shared with a girl called daisy who was going to be my roommate. Daisy was very nice, she had packed her two teddy’s and gave one to me to snuggle with that night.


After a while, The train past an old looking farm, it reminded me of the

farm next to our house which brought a salty tear to my eye.

As well as you and pa I was thinking about all the farm animals I used to play

with and if they were safe.


Eventually, The train dropped me and daisy of at our stop.

A old man asked for me and daisy’s name then popped us on

A horse drawn carriage and of it went taking us to our new home.

Where Mrs Amber was waiting for us.


That night, Mrs Amber gave us a good scrub down, let us unpack then 

it was time for bed. I tried to get to sleep but all I could do was think

about you and pa.


In the morning, Me and daisy got woken up by Mrs Ambers Cockrel , I was not amused.

Me and Daisy then got up for breakfast we had, toast, jam, canned spam and cheese then it was off to school for us.



After School, I ran through a field of flowers then sat and watched the sunset as

I prayed for you and Pa. It was a beautiful evening the golden sunset made me

happy like seeing your smile.


During the evening, We sat down and ate our dinner we had, Kraft Macaroni and cheese and for dessert we had Mrs Amber’s homemade carrot scones they were delicious. Then we went off to our room for the night.

Hope to see you soon


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