Evacuee Letter

Dear Ma,

Thanks for the loaf of bread. I nibbled it on the journey, as a river of tears leaked on my face. When I arrived at the station, I had nearly finished the loaf of bread, I didn’t mean to finish it I was just starving. First, I took my bags and the empty wrapper from the loaf, I walked to the school.


After a while, people were coming in and adopting little kids like me, I was actually first to get picked! Eventually, I got to a lovely house it was beautiful it was quite small but a perfect place, as the lovely carer Mrs Bern showed me around and where my bed was.

That night, I couldn’t get to sleep because I missed you and pap so bad.


In the morning, I was so tired but I had to get through the chore list and get ready for school. During the evening I had started to get hungry so I told my new friend Maisy and she said she is too. Once school was over, I was too scared to ask but it was fine because dinner was ready. I nibbled the sweet sausages and the lovely gravy.


At night, I prayed for you and Pap and the dog Bella, I really hope you are fine and it’s all going good. That night it was a lot easier to get to sleep, in the morning I had found the street sign I was living in Ellerton Road, there wasn’t a farm next to the house so it was very hard without Edward the Hen. But at least Mrs Bern would come in my room at 6:30am every single morning and my bedtime is also at 9:00pm it’s a bit earlier than usual but it will just do.


It was finally a Saturday so I snuck some wafers from the kitchen into the bag I had packed for a play in the gardenthe hutch in the yard. Maisy came round and wee snacked on the wafers of course Mrs Bern came out and offered us more wafers. But I of course I didn’t take them because I wasn’t going to be greedy.


Then Sunday came and I felt really lonely as you and papa weren’t there I wish I could have taken Riley on the journey too to keep me happy. Every night I pray for our family and hope Pa is fighting hard in the war can’t wait to spend lots of time with you. I next had toast and butter for breakfast. 


I went outside for a break outside but forgot about the chore list so I ran inside and tidied the whole house.


Every day I think about you and wish you could see the fun I have. Hope to see you soon! XXX


Your loving daughter- Gracie. 


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