Dear Ma, 


Thanks for the apple. I ate it in a corner of the train. We had finally

arrived at Troon. It was a little town next to the sea. It was weird

compered to home. All I wanted was to be back with you and Pa. 


Once I got off the train I sat on a bench waiting for someone to pick me.

I was the last one. I think it was because the hand and the missing



Anyways, I’m staying with a lady called Miss darily. She lives in a small

cottage on the hills. The first thing she made me do was wash myself 

in the washing pond. The she gave me a nice hot glass of coco. She is

really nice.


I have a little room up in the attic. I see across the sea. I hear the waves

crashing against the wall. I’ve gone to church every day to pray for you and Pa. 

Every morning I get and make sure the chickens are still there. Sometimes if I’m

lucky I get to have a boiled egg that had got that morning. 


You’ll never guess what. Miss darily have a pig called Annie. I get to feed her.

Shes the cutest thing ever. She stays in a little shed in the garden. I also have

to clean up the number 2s and it’s not fun. 


Academy hills is a tiny is a tiny place. There is lots of big trees and little

Flowers. There is a lot of tiny houses on the hills. Each house has a name.

One is called pickle me. There is also lots of fields with cows and sheep. 


Every morning, I go to a little school called St-Patricks. It’s only a 3 minute walk.

I bring my gas mask every way I go. We do lots of reading and mathematics.

I really like reading but not so much mathematics. I sit in the front with my

piece of chalk and slate. 


We have lunch outside on the benches. Miss darily sends me with a little brown bag.

Inside id a bit of beard and sandwich. Most of the kids eat nothing but sometimes,

I give them a bit of my bread. All girls taught me to play hop scotch and the boys

taught me marbles. 


I hope you and Pa are safe. I’m scared that I’ll never see you again. Hope Pa is

feeling better. I hope Mr ****** and his army soon dies out. Write back please. 


Your loving daughter- Grace.



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