Letter to parents

Dear Mam,


Thank you for the hot chocolate, sandwich and a nice soft blanket to keep me right warm in this freezing train. It took hours and hours to get halfway there but I was scared that I couldn’t be with you. It was very bumpy on the train and I nearly threw up. Some hours later we arrived at a place called Rye and it is a massive  village but it’s very quiet. 


When we got there lots of people came and took the kids they wanted but I was last I think it was because of the ragged clothes I had. A man came to me and he looked like in his 20s or so. 


We went to where we were staying and it was in a little hut made of palm leaves and wood. 

After that he told me his name and he was called Elliot and he fetched me a hot cuppa which was right warm. I asked him how did you end up here but he said I don’t need to worry about that and he will take care of me. He talks in a deep voice but is very funny and tells me jokes to make me laugh.


My first night here was very nice because at night I prayed that you and dad are well. In the morning there were chickens in the backyard and I was woken up by the rooster. There were rows of vegetables in the garden and there was only one lame donkey. There were so many trees that had apples and oranges that I ate from and it has a riverside to go fishing. We went and I caught my first fish! There are so many flowers that I give to our neighbours. 


Every night Elliot gives me apple pie and hot chocolate, I even go to the next door neighbours who give me some chocolate and pudding, there is very nice weather here and so much to do. The villages and towns nearby are called Edale, Shaftesbury, Whitby and Bakev but everyone thinks that Bakev is a cursed town because of the viruses and magics done there. 


There are many schools like one is called the Minster school which is for criminal justice, law hearing, civil courts and legal services an educated school is called Thetford grammar school and is an expensive and educated school, where most of the students go is called Seten hel school and the richest kids go the King’s school. Elliot makes me a packed lunch and sends me to school. There is a street where everyone walks up and is very steep and tempts me to have a bite of my sandwich but I remind myself of how little I have to eat so I don’t. He tells me to work hard and have no distractions to get me somewhere in life, I do a lot of sports and I learned a lot of board games.


I hope you and dad are alright and remember that I will pray for you and keep writing but please write letters to me too.


Your loving son – Jake 

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