Mountain Frost Unicorn.

   The Mountain Frost Unicorn


There are numerous species of unicorn but one of the most sensational is 

the Mountain Frost Unicorn. Very few people know about this unicorn because it is fully white and lives in the caverns of Mount Everest. Unfortunately, there are only six of these creatures left on the whole of Earth.


Would you be able to identify the Mountain Frost Unicorn if you caught a glimpse of it? In fact, they are very similar to the majority of unicorns. Like most unicorns, the  Mountain Frost Unicorn has long, vicious wings; a spiralled, lengthy horn; and extended claws to assassinate mountain goats.  Typically, they have limegreen eyes so they can see perfectly in the jet black night. However, some have been sighted with a sky blue body. This allows them to hide in the ocean if they fear they are being hunted or attacked. Furthermore, they have the longest teeth out of any animal with a whopping length of 1.25 metres! In theory, the Mountain Frost Unicorn should always win in a fight because the main feature of the Mountain Frost Unicorn is its razor sharp, woven horns, which are cotton white colour.


Nobody knows where the Mountain Frost Unicorn goes in the summer but it has been seen pouncing toward the heavens. In the winter, you may spot it hibernating in the small caverns within mountains, which surround Mount Everest. The Mountain Frost Unicorn loves pork as it is within their main diet. Although over one thousand people have successfully hiked Mount Everest, there are only three sightings of this creature, which were around four thousand and five hundred metres up.


Is the Mountain Frost Unicorn dangerous? Many believe that this is true because children have been turned into ice-sculptures after attempting to ride these rare creatures. If you come across a Mountain Frost Unicorn, just try and stay clear otherwise you might be turned into ice. If its wings go above its head, then run, it is most likely going to attack you.





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