The Eclipse Unicorn


                                  The Eclipse unicorn


The Eclipse Unicorn, which is the rarest species in the galaxy, are the most stunning Unicorn Scientists have ever seen. There is very little known about this Unicorn because it doesn’t come close to  our atmosphere often.

Would you like to be able to witness an Eclipse Unicorn? Unfortunately,  trying to notice one is the hardest job in the world, But I can help. The Eclipse Unicorn’s mane is a galaxy purple; its fur is a fiery orange; its teeth are snowy white; its wings are a pluto blue; its hoofs are sun white and its eyes are a bright lime. Three regular Eclipse Unicorns have been spotted in space, one with an inverted colour of the original  Eclipse Unicorn. However, it is believed that there are millions more of them. 

If you would like to encounter an Eclipse Unicorn, you might  find it on the peak of the 20 foot hill in Thetford  whenever an Eclipse happens. No one definitely knows where it rests when there is not an Eclipse. However, many believe that they rest in the Andromeda Galaxy, Some even believe that they rest somewhere outside the Universe!   

Be aware, many people that have been spotted by an Eclipse Unicorn have gone missing the same day. Some people fear that when spotted, the Eclipse Unicorn hypnotises them so they ride it, while they are riding, it flies to the moon and back leaving a crater where it landed. Scientists are trying to detect how the craters were made.

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