Mythical Sea Unicorn

There are only a few unicorn species in the world, one of them is the Mythical Sea Unicorn (which is one of the rarer ones). It is such a beautiful creature but if you look at it for more than five seconds you will turn into a puddle of water and your submarine will turn into salty sea water. It is impossible to find because it is located in the challenger deep’s lowest part.

Would you be able to observe the mythical sea unicorn and identify it looking from a submarine? This is one of the brightest unicorns of all the species, this unicorn can make a hydro blast (a beam full of water) to push anything in its path. This godly unicorn often gets quite lonely so if you find extreme salt spray in one area of the sea, it is probably that the unicorn is sad.

It cannot breathe on land like any other sea creature, but it can come up with extreme rain, however it will suffocate a bit if it does. Luckily, for our good friend, the sea heals it. Fish is a really popular food around the world but luckily the Mythical Sea Unicorn lives in the challenger deep and sometimes comes up to generate new fish. It eats giant fish up to the size of an adult great white shark, but it does not eat often.

There is not much more information about this unicorn so this specie still has lots of mysteries. There shall be more added about the Mythical Sea Unicorn, a lot still remains a mystery…

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