Adventure 1

At last, they were ready to leave.


That noon, when lunch had finished a very disappointing message came from the young squirrel named Jay and the message was about the Gorm, who were a few miles away from the Acorn Warren. The little rabbits knew they were in danger. The ancient Acorn Warren had been crafted centuries ago and it’s quite fragile and it’s not safe. Its walls aren’t  rock solid. One,has already been destroyed because there was a rabbit that destroyed it. If the Gorm attacked the warren it would certainly go down. It was not safe to be in there if the Gorm was going to attack it.


And so there were a trio of young rabbits Parker (the oldest), Pasco (the second oldest) and Percy (the youngest) . Their mother had to send them away to the Daycare Island but it would be risky because they would have to travel around the Gorm’s home.before they left they were given a map of where to go and where to stop.


So they were off, they had to travel, they had to go to the Calm Burrow first. Ten minutes later, they were at the calm burrow. The gorm was just five minutes away from the Acorn Warren. The three siblings were going to the Ice Cold Mountains so they were far away from the gorm, but the walk from Calm Burrow to Ice C Mountains was from noon to morning, at least the map did not say to go to the tree caves of doom. Where were they going to sleep?


It was nearly seven pm and they were getting scared in the woods. They were hoping for luck. Five minutes later they found an abandoned cabin, so they had luck in themselves. They went in the cabin and there were three beds for Parker, Pasco and Percy. There were no covers, the door barley shut and it was freezing cold but they had to go with it. After they found their shelter they had to find food. Luckily,they were in a forest so they went to find some berries and radishes from the woods. Half an hour later, Percy was asleep on Parker’s lap but they did  find some food for them.They got back to the cabin and ate the food they left some for Percy and they went to sleep.


Sleep was not easy for Pasco as he was scared of the Gorm if he was after them or not. He was confident that they was going to run after him saying bring him here I need to kill him, I don’t want him on this island. Were they going to make it to the Daycare?

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