Chapter 1

His first day of school was a sad memory but happily he found an older teacher called Miss Booth. She quickly realised that Bobby was a bit odd. He was a nervous and jumpy child. So Miss Booth decided to put Bobby on the first row right in front of her. Bobby frowned and copied the alphabet several times.The moment the bell rang , he jumped out of his seat and did not tuck it in; he ran away like a cheetah trying to hunt a baby tiger!

The  morning turned into night and Bobby started to feel more comfortable, he started making new friends.Most of the days he would focus on his work more, cook food for Miss Booth and clean the chickens house.The inside of the house was not bad it was made out of old wood and dusty brick.He could tell that Miss Booth like the colour grey because that was her house theme. Outside was amazing. She had chickens and a beautiful garden with a huge clean pond. Also  a few multi coloured fish. Bobby was kind of an outside child not an inside half of the day he would stay inside and half of the day he would be outside.

Every night,Bobby wakes up to the sound of the garage gate rattling. Bobby looks out of the broken blinds as Miss  Booth is heading into the Qadri forest.Each night,he tries to see what she is upto… and he doesn’t wait long to find out.One morning, Bobby could not stand  it  he got on his gown, grabbed a torch and walked quietly like a mouse .When he reached the Qadri forest, he heard a raw, not a

small raw but a loud and deeper raw, he crept a little further… he couldn’t believe his eyes. A lion! Miss Booth was feeding a lion. 

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