Mrs Gates and the mysterious man

Anna loved her new home but missed her mother. She ran to the window door and saw the droplets drizzling like caramel sauce. Her new mother gave her the guest room which no one has ever been in because Mrs Gates said that it was haunted, but Anna had no choice but to make  it  her new room. Ever since she slept there, Mrs Gates told her that’s where her son died, so anytime Anna came out of the room she would remember  her son.

A new day, a new school. Anna was quite smart for her age and anytime she would get an answer right (her old mother used to play with maths cards) she would jump up and down with joy. Anytime she went to school everyone was staring at her weirdly for no reason. She would wonder in her thoughts why everyone kept gazing at her but she just ignored it. As she got into class, the teacher (Mr Fin)introduced her and then she headed to the back of the classroom since that was the only seat empty.

Anna always knew what to do and would usually sit and drool on a piece of paper. A girl called Aisha asked her to be her best friend. She played with Aisha everyday, however anytime Anna would ask Mrs Gates if Aisha could walk home with her, Mrs Gates would snap “no!”.

The sun descends as the moon ascends, not a single person out except Mrs Gates. Every time the back door opens, Anna would hear a squealing noise, so she would get up and look out of the window. She spots her mother slithering like a snake into the broken down, rusty school that was on the news.

Outside, the stars wink above Mrs Gates’ sturdy eyes as she wanders around the daisy flowers, inside, darkness everywhere except the only wind which shines light onto the dusty floor.  

Anna jumps out of her bed and observes Mrs Gates, as they got there to the school, Mrs Gates called out “Tennessee where are you? I’m here now.” 

All of a sudden a man suddenly appeared and yelled out “Mother, you are here, I missed so much but before midnight I have to go!”

Questions circulate around Anna’s mind. Who is this man? And why on earth is he calling Mrs Gates mother?

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