My first story

Willow Applebottom stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door. She had not wanted to move homes. She spied out of the guest room’s window. Across miles of plain grasslands and gently brushed away a singular tear that was trickled down her crimson cheek. 

Her first day of primary school was now a yonder memory. The teacher was a calm young lady called Miss Green. She quickly noticed Willow was an ignoring, annoying and sassy young girl. Sitting at the very vanward of the classroom where the teacher can observe her. Willow grated her teeth screeching out the alphabet endlessly. The second the school bell rang she ran like sonic out of the school the days turned to weeks and the weeks turned into months she started to settle. She handed out supplies, collected corn and milked the cows. 

Outside, the wind whooshed like candles blowing out in a fancy, haunted, webbed wedding hotel at 3 am.

Inside, the welcoming fire warms the house with a singular shivering breeze.

Every afternoon Miss Green creped into the woods.

Every afternoon Willow wonders what Miss Green is doing.

One afternoon Willow could stand it no longer she snuck out of the house and followed Miss Green she heard a giant splash Willow glared through the bushes. She moved her head closer and rubbed her eyes. Miss Green Has a pet shark!!?

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