when the berrys fall

When the berrys fall


Ansley Blake never wanted to leave home. When she was at home she used to stare out of the window. She found it relaxing . She sleeps in the attic. It’s actually not that bad compared to her house. When sodiors bombed it. The room smelled really damp but she didn’t want to be rude,she wanted her to have a good expectation of her.She was staying with Mrs Jaylen. She took over the room where Mrs jaylens son slept but he went to go fight at war.Everytime she would bring up about her son at war Mrs jaylen  would change the subject with a tear going down her face  or she would start crying.


Her first day of school was so exciting. My teacher was called Miss Carmen. Ansley’s teacher found out she couldn’t read or write since her mother didn’t have the money to pay for it. She had to sit at the back of the classroom and go over spelling,grammar and reading but she didn’t care at least she was going school at this point, when the bell would ring she would shoot out of the classroom. Ansley made one friend called Abigail. They were best friends. She got used to this routine.


 She would do the same thing at night she would look out of the window but she noticed something.Every time she would look out of the window at night she would see Mrs Jaylen walking with flowers and a lantern in the forest and this kept on happening. She wanted to know why she went into the forest. Where were she going? Maybe she was picking berries but she had to get to the bottom of this. 


One day Mrs jaylen asked her to follow her so they went and there were a bunch of flowers and there was a picture of her son and she said my son isn’t actually in war he disappeared and the last place he was seen was in this forest.


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