When the clouds fall-Chapter 1

Mary McCormick hoped to stay with her friends in London, but they had moved too. She gazed through the side door, across yards of hillsides, fields and little lemon trees. It looked nothing like home. Mary’s miniature mouth turned into a lonely old bridge waiting to be fixed. She was like a lost puppy.


Her first day of school had whizzed into her brain and out. The teacher was a polite young lady named Miss Ramsay. Even though the teacher was young, she was smart and had noticed quickly that Mary had experienced lots back in London so she kept Mary in the middle row. Mary didn’t like school but she had kept lots of memories from her old school. Mary clenched her left hand as she was writing down a review from her favourite book. As the bell finally rang, Mary shot out of school like a rocket. Was her first day brilliant?


The days had wandered off and Mary had made a chore chart. She had after-school clubs, she washed the dishes and collected crops for supper that Mrs Queen had planted a few weeks ago. Outside, the plants grew happily, ready to eat. Inside, it was small and dark with no warmth to keep them comfortable.


Every evening, Mary saw Mrs Queen dressed in a long night gown, her fluffy slippers and a brown beaver hat, slowly creeping down the cliff, and onto a sandy surface, the beach. Every evening, Mary watched and wondered about what her new guardian could be doing…she didn’t need to wait long. One evening, Mary was tired of watching and followed Mrs Queen into the beach, and heard a low growl echoing across the town. She didn’t see Mrs Queen, but the sound did come from that cave. She peeked into the deep, dark, growling cave, and Mrs Queen was there, warming up something by making a fire… It was… A BEAR!

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