Where lies are endless

Where lies are endless 


Mary Jane loved her home and never thought she had to leave her family and friends . She stared out of the bedroom window , looking at the lifeless fields stretching hundreds of miles ahead and holding back tears. She missed being with her friends Nancy,Linda and Patricia back at the bustling city of London but now they had all been separated. Mary slept in a  small room with a metal bed that had a tough mattress and a crate as a night stand. The room was damp and had an unusual smell  and in the little wooden closet there was a box of neatly folded clothes that seemed to belong to someone else and Mary figured someone used to sleep in her new room. Mary was no fool and decided to not bring up the box in conversation with Mrs Smith as there were pictures of her with some children and a man all over the house.


She had already been enrolled in a school. On her first day of school she met her teacher, a nice enough man called Mr Jhonson. He discovered Mary could read and write quite well and understood books made for years older than her. Mary already knew most of the lesson being taught by Mrs Johnson so she sat at the back of the classroom with her copy book and scratch pen. She normally got bored in classes so at the end of the day she shot out the school as soon as the bell rang . 


As weeks passed Mary started to form a routine. Her week days were filled with boredom, scraping down the alphabet , and then returning to her new home to help Mrs Smith. She was given many jobs by Mrs Smith before Mary arrived; she had dug up her garden and grew many vegetables. He was told to lock the hens up in their coop before dinner. She also had to feed the cow who was kept in a small shed for fattening. As soon as spring had arrived the lifeless valleys were now filled with brightly coloured flowers  and lime green grass. 


Whilst Mary was hopping up the stairs after having dinner, Mrs Smith came out with an enormous plate of food and put it down on a crate near the stairs then approached the stairs.  Mary then slowly stepped toward her room and sat on her bed and quickly closed the door. Mrs Smith then went back down the stairs then went to the little hook  on the stairs then the first 4 steps opened up to reveal a small opening. She grabbed the plate then headed down. Mary then heard a door slam shut she quickly got up and opened the door tiptoed down the stairs and pulled the hook and snuck down.


When she touched the door down the staircase slightly opened and Mrs Smith was sat on a bed with a man whilst he ate the plate of  food whilst chatting to each other Mrs

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